Frequently Asked Questions

01⎪Are there grants/scholarships for APPS?

While APPS is not able to hand out scholarships, some students are able to get sponsorship from their local faculty/departments/other sponsors. Please feel free to contact the APPS RC if you need any supporting documents.

02⎪What if my official delegates miss the Phase 1 registration dates?

Your official delegates will still be able to register! However, they will not be able to take advantage of the lower prices in phase 1.

03⎪How will the APPS RC use my registration fee?

Your registration fees go towards funding the service of the online platform, prizes for academic events, exciting social events, proper honorarium for the speakers and judges, registration kits production, and many other features for our participants.

04⎪Will participants receive certificates for attending APPS?

Yes, all participants will be given a certificate for attending APPS.

05⎪Are there other promotional materials that I can use to send to my members?

Yes, you can find all our promotional material on Facebook and Instagram (@ipsfappskaohsiung2022) and this website!

06⎪Where do I see the photos of the participants’ kit?

The kits are currently in production, but you can see the design of them in the registration form, and later we will share photos on our social media!

07⎪Is the participants’ kit required for attending APPS?

Some of our cultural workshops do have a DIY session where you can follow the instructions of our speakers and make small cultural souvenirs for yourself, and the DIY materials are included in standard and deluxe packs! However, it’s completely optional, you won’t need the participants’ kit for other amazing academic and social programmes of APPS!

08⎪If you have a question that’s not listed here: 

Feel free to contact us via any of the following means:
1. [email protected]
2.Facebook/IG DMs (@ipsfappskaohsiung2022)