Social Events


Social Events

01⎪Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony will consist of a flag ceremony showcasing the various countries in the Asia-Pacific Regional Office (APRO). Introduction of the reception committee and IPSF APRO leaders will also take place. The APPS will then be formally opened while welcoming the participants.

02⎪International Night

Each participating country will be given a virtual stand on the online platform to showcase their culture to fellow delegates by performing in their cultural clothing, playing interactive games, or in any other format. This will facilitate the cultural exchange of all participating countries.

03⎪Taiwanese Night

As the host of the symposium for this year, it is essential to introduce the Taiwanese culture to the delegates as well. Taiwanese Night is a culture-featuring social evening party. Besides providing classic Taiwanese snacks, music and culture shows are also present to all delegates, so that the foreign participants can experience Taiwan’s local customs.

04⎪Closing Ceremony

A formal event that marks the end of the symposium. In this memorable ceremony, we will announce the winners of PD competitions and share with participants the most memorable moments in this APPS. Delegates are invited in their best suits and gowns for an elegant farewell party afterwards.

05⎪APPS Talent Show

Participants will be invited to showcase their talent in whatever form ranging from singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. This allows every talented APPS participant to be seen and to be appreciated.