Registration Guideline


Prepare your Contact Person Confirmation Letter(CPCL)

Contact Person Confirmation Letter (CPCL) must be provided and signed by your Contact Person (CP) to validate your IPSF membership status.
Please refer to ” IPSF APRO CP List” to see the CP for your organization

Fill in the Registration Form

Registration opens on February 7th (Phase 1) and March 1st (Phase 2).
The registration form will also be available on our social media pages.

Payment Notification

Once you have registered, we will send you a confirmation email along with the payment instructions within 5 working days.

Invitation Letter

We will send you an invitation letter once we confirm your payment. 
With that, we congratulate you for being officially registered to APPS 2022.

If you have any queries regarding the registration process, please contact us at registration : [email protected]


Further Information?

Registration Form Filling Guideline

All you need in the process of filling in the Registration Form are in this Registration Form Filling Guideline, including a sample demonstration for registration and payment procedure.